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Pulau Mataking Scuba Diving

You saw the very first year of Survivor and resolved that you just positively have to go there, for the dreamland the place they filmed it. So right here you happen to be, about to arrive at the Celebes Sea, with a single mission in mind, to obtain as noticeably Pulau Mataking diving as attainable.

The top rated four diving web pages
North Stage

The primary Mataking diving web web page is simply when Mataking Kecil, the more compact island. This actually is a straight down scuba diving spot, with difficult currents. At nearly forty meters deep, you definitely will operate into grey reef sharks ad most likely hammerhead sharks. You’re almost certainly to spot manta rays and eagle rays, as well as the omnipresent inexperienced turtles.

Coral Backyard
It is a splendid convenient diving spot, additionally a vertical wall, together with a bit of current. The corals are completely stunning! And, all inside the preliminary fifteen – 20 meters, you’ll additionally bump into manta rays, which can increase as much as 7 meters across and weigh above a ton.

Your home Reef
Chances are you’ll do that proper off the seashore. You may dive deep, in the straight line, and at roughly 50 meters, you actually will reach a sandy flat terrain. Right right here you’re probable to find out octopus, lionfish and stone fish, also as supreme stone island hoodie faculties of jack fish. You may also encounter moray eels belonging to the large style, approximately three meters very lengthy, and weighing over 36 kg.

The ShipWreck
This may be Pulau Mataking scuba diving at its biggest! On this dive, you’ll discover the sunken fishing boat, dwelling of jack fish, lion fish and moray eels. The shipwreck additionally hosts the 1st Underwater Publish Company of Malaysia. The underwater postbox is on the wheel house’s fa ade. You’ll compose or buy a postcard with the current store, cowl the letter in a really water proof plastic postal wrap bag and mail it off anyplace globally!

Mataking Bundle.
The resort is usually a heaven for divers and honeymooners, on a deserted spectacular island, embraced from the tropical light wind. The govt king chalets, deluxe rooms and newly erected beach villas, ingenuously in-built standard structure, current refined and alluring lodgings for as a lot as one hundred pals. Revel in Malaysian and Global delicacies, with tantalizing refreshing regional sea food on the sea front restaurant.

A complete Mataking supply will comprise land and sea switch from the island to your town of Semporna and to the airport on Tawau, as well as as night time accommodation with the Stone Island Outlet resort. The bundle will embody three Mataking scuba diving boats per day, on prime of that every one sorts of diving supreme stone island hoodie courses, from open up water scuba scuba diving, to rescue and dive master programs. The Mataking Island Offer fails to comprise of permits to Sipadan Island, scuba gear and alcoholic drinks.

So if you are an avid diver, or just a pair struggling to discover a honeymoon spot, or maybe wanting to find an journey inside of an one in all a sort paradise island surrounded by white sand seashores, Mataking Island will likely be the area for you personally. And if you may be an enthusiastic macro photographer or possibly a novelty diver, Pulau Mataking diving is known as a have to.