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On Solutions: Teen Siblings Create App For Rati..

Impressed by the latest deaths of 2 young men killed by police, these 4 siblings from Stone Mountain, Georgia created 5-O, an app for score policemen.

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Like everyone else in America, Ima Christian has been nervously watching the information unfold in Ferguson, Missouri. The 16-year-old resident of Stone Mountain, Georgia, says that she and her siblings have been in fixed conversation with their mother and father concerning the current deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner (who died last month in Staten Island) by the hands of police.

… So that they determined to build their own answer to police abuse. On Monday, Ima Christian (pictured, second from left) and her siblings—principally stone island zipper Caleb, 14, and Asha, 15, with the help of Joshua, 10—are launching a beta version of Five-O, an app that can enable customers to rate their interactions with police and think about aggregate scores for a way law-enforcement agencies fare. … Customers log in to a dashboard, where they’ve a number of choices. A 5-O person can create a detailed incident report and rate the professionalism and courtesy of the officer, using an A-F scale. Or they can view police stations by county or state to see how numerous departments rate. … The app also permits individuals to publish messages to a community board. There’s another perform known as “Know Your Rights,” a Q&A-formatted function … They determined early on within the challenge planning phases that Five-O would focus on the nice as well as the bad.

Ima and her siblings are aggressive college students of programming … She and her siblings Asha and Caleb have participated in packages similar to MIT’s +K12, Scratch, and App Inventor applications. Ima and Asha Christian are both executive staff members in the ProjectCSGirls computer science competitors. And so they had been both 2014 #Embody Fellows at Stanford College’s She++ program. Ima is a Codecademy alum as properly.