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Red Dragon Island Guide

Stone Island V Neck Ultramarine BlueThe Magic Tree House has landed on Poptropica! Be a part of Jack and Annie on a journey again in time to a world of samurai warriors, sumo wrestlers, and even higher dangers that lurk within the clouds. When hassle strikes, it’s up to you to master a set of elite ninja expertise and undertake a harmful rescue mission. Can you discover your way back residence, or will you be caught in outdated Japan without end

For walkthroughs on Purple Dragon Island, scroll down.
Released: Might 5, 2011 (for members)
or June 2, 2011 (for all)
Common Room: Frog Creek Library
Preceded by: Wimpy Wonderland Island
Succeeded by: Shrink Ray Island

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– Island Extras
– Synopsis from Poptropica
– Video Walkthrough
– Written Walkthrough
– Album Pictures
– Trivia

Island Extras
Official Tour
Desktop Wallpaper
Put together for Affect! MiniQuest
Guide: Magic Tree Home #37: Dragon of the Pink Daybreak

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!
Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Super Thunder, Icy Comet, & HPuterpop
Go to Purple Dragon Island for those who aren’t already there. Go to the far right of the principle Road, and there will probably be a tire swing within the background. Enter that back yard. You will notice a flying spark guiding two youngsters (Jack and Annie) out of the again yard. Once they’re gone, go to the swing and reduce the rope with a click on.

Now, roll the tire all the technique to the left aspect of the island (previous Foremost Street and by the bumpy floored woods) till you get to a tree house. Decide up Jack’s Glasses on the bottom.

Then, depart the tire immediately below the tree, and leap onto it, springing you onto the out of attain ladder. Go inside the tree house. Jack and Annie will likely be there. Give Jack his glasses so he can see once more.

Stroll to the left side of the tree house, and decide up the e book titled Frog Creek Pennsylvania: Residence City USA. Now, go ask Annie how the tree home works. She’ll tell you to pick up a ebook, and get the e book to her right, titled A Journey to Previous Japan. All you need to do to get to both location is point on the e book and say you need to go there – similar to within the Magic Tree House books!

Use the Japan tour guide, and you’re off to Previous Japan!
Once you arrive, exit the tree home. Jack and Annie will go discover, and inform you that you simply want a kimono to blend in. Jack provides you with a Magic Amulet to return to the tree home everytime you want.

Go to the left end of the world, and two guards will arrest you and send you to jail for not having a passport. Use the Magic Amulet to teleport your self out.

Now go left once more, however this time go into the now-open Bonsai Tree Shop. Ask the lady about kimonos, and she’ll provide you with Kimonos to select from. Go ahead and put the kimono on. You’ll additionally get a Passport from inside the kimono you choose (it doesn’t matter which one you select).

Exit, and go left previous the guards. The Samurai will catch Jack with out a passport, and they’ll be despatched to prison. Oh no!

Go left, previous the crumbly bridge, to East Edo. On the steps leading up, pick up the Rotten Fish.
Continue up those self same stairs and through the door, and there will likely be another chained door. Go right beside the rocks, and a Parchment will drop to you. Learn the letter written on it.

Now, go back down to East Edo. Go to the following web page to the left, West Edo, and you’ll pass one other set of stairs, as well as three geishas. Go left, and you’ll be at the Secluded Lake. On a stepping stone, there can be a Bag of Mortar. Take it.

Go contained in the little hut made from bamboo, and speak to the previous man. He’ll inform you that Basho was simply in town shopping for some eggs. Now, go back to East Edo.

You should come to 2 samurai holding up five individuals. Assist the samurai by lining them up in order. The fifth person has stolen a fish — however they don’t seem to be in order! For this next half, the people are 1, 2, 3, four, and 5 (from left to right). Commerce 5 and 4. Commerce four and 1. Trade three and 4. The samurai will catch the responsible one, and ship him away.

And, in return, the samurai gives you a Betting Slip for the sumo wrestling match, and he says he’ll break up his winnings with you. Yay!

Now return to the crumbly bridge, and use your Bag of Mortar to fix the bridge. It’ll be like a jigsaw puzzle. Simply put the bricks where they seem like they belong.

Once the bridge is fastened, a extremely fat muscular man will run through. Choose up the Bonsai Scissors dropped by one of the citizens due to the bridge shaking. Now go down, simply below the bridge, to the guy fishing.

Use the rotten fish to try to catch the kappa. Gentle the wood in the underside proper, and click on on the boulder to the left of the hole on the ground at the proper. Shoot the beehive at the entire within the tree. Click on the frog until it lands on the lily pad that has bubbles underneath it. Turn off the fireplace by clicking the wooden again, mild the lamp, and click on the rotten fish.

Yay! You’ve caught the kappa! Get up and go proper, back to the Bonsai Shop. Go inside, and speak to the lady that gave you the kimono.

Use your bonsai scissors, and assist her by cutting the bonsai, which you should minimize perfectly to match the image to the fitting. Each single leaf. When you’re achieved, click on the finished button.

Once you’ve completed that, a man will stroll in and purchase a bonsai tree.
Exit and head over to the sumo match, which is positioned on top of the steps of West Edo. Go inside. As soon as inside, speak to Yokuzuna’s (the fat muscular sumo dude that ran across the bridge) manager (the man who purchased the bonsai). He’ll ask you to help him with signing autographs. All you have to do is copy down the pattern of every Kanji character, step-by-step (use the chart for accuracy). Once you’re accomplished with that, go speak to the other cowardly fighter inside the hut.

He’ll ask you to take his place. What can you do Take his place! Go fight. One solution to do it is to keep away from all of his attacks. He will get mad and slip off the stage.

Three mad samurai will come and let you know that they’re going to take you. Just then though, the outdated man from the hut on the secluded lake will come. That’s Basho! He says to meet him at his residence.

Go to the hut, and he’ll let you know that after seeing you help everybody, he desires you to be his new student ninja. You’ll begin your training. Basho provides you with some instruments and Ninja Outfits (you possibly can wear either black or white). Put on the ninja outfit, and Basho will educate you ways to use your tools.

You’ll find out how to use:
Shuko claws to scale walls and timber (they’re mechanically geared up always)
Bo Employees which may spin to deflect issues being thrown at you (press spacebar), or vault you over nice heights (press spacebar while operating, and leap)
Smoke Bombs to briefly blind an enemy (press spacebar and aim your cursor on the target)
Throwing Stars (also referred to as shuriken) for stealth (not fight!) – use it to slice ropes that could be holding onto objects to drop them. Don’t aim these at enemies or they may notice you.
Grappling Hook to swing round – simply click on a metallic hoop once you see one, and you’ll automatically swing from it. You’ll keep swinging till you leap off.
Ninja Imaginative and prescient to scope your surroundings – use it to see what’s around you!

Refer to the record above for a reminder on how to make use of each trick!
Once you’re done with coaching, go to the wall subsequent to his home. You’ll have to repair it, very much like the bridge, by putting the bricks the place they belong.

Then he’ll tell you he just wanted it mounted. He’ll ship you to avoid wasting Jack and Annie, and to find the Shogun. Return to the Fortress Cliff (with the locked door). At the same place that you bought the Parchment, climb up the stone wall, and continue left.

Your shuko claws only stick to the lighter stone. You need to use the transferring logs as fast platforms, but DON’T get hit by them. Also, you can “skim” up by the partitions by dragging your character upwards.

At the highest, go left. Use your Ninja Vision to see where the guards are. Drop a bomb to blind all of them. Undergo the window, above the guard.

Fortress, Degree 1
Contained in the fortress, run right and throw a star at the rope holding up the green platform to carry it down, allowing you to go additional. Remember, you’ll be able to scale walls by default now. When you get to the metal ring, click on it to swing throughout (you can too smoke bomb the guard under, but you don’t must).

Drop down and decide up the Haiku, then vault over the spikes by operating and pressing area bar with your Bo Workers. Bounce down, climb the wall, and seize the important thing – you’ll want it to enter the following level.

If you get caught at any time, you’ll begin once more originally of the level you had been caught in, and you’ll must grab the important thing once more (however not the haiku if you’ve already gotten it).

Now go right, onto the platform, and smoke-bomb the guard. Run past him to the platform stone island red polo on the opposite aspect, then throw a throwing star on the rope to drop the burden hanging there. Bounce onto the weight, swing from the metallic ring, and land on the other facet. Climb the partitions up, avoiding the spikes, and go through the door to the following stage.

Fortress, Stage 2
This stage involves shadows. Use the throwing stars to place out the lights, and don’t hit the samurai! Put out the first light, leap down, put out the second light, drop down, and put out the sunshine from the pink lantern as properly. Jump over the guard and keep to the shadows, then smoke-bomb the next guard and soar up to the wall after which the platform.

You’ll encounter the primary of the mean bins that shoot spikes at you and finally keep you out of your purpose (you can’t climb the sides of those bins!). You may, however, deflect the spikes by spinning your Bo staff – so try this. Then, leap up on the box and go down the wall.

Jump down to the small raised platform within the lit area, and swing from the hoop to seize the important thing. Swing back to the platform, smoke-bomb the guard, and run past to the opposite facet.

Go up, grab the Haiku piece, and climb the rope. Whereas on the rope, intention a smoke bomb at the guard, then rapidly get to the top edge of the wall. Stay there as you click on the steel ring to swing your self over to the door to the final degree.

Fortress, Degree 3
Combine your entire data in this stage. First, put out the sunshine with a throwing star, then sneak past and swing across by clicking the hoop.

Use throwing stars to convey the two inexperienced platforms down, then smoke-bomb the guard and get previous him over to the wall. Bounce to the left and grab the key. Then get back on the wall and go further down until you see the rope holding up an extended vertical crate. Nonetheless on the wall, aim a throwing star to bring the crate down.

Leap onto the crate, then bounce onto the subsequent crate (you possibly can blind the guard with a smoke bomb if you want, however it’s not vital). Drop down and choose up the last line of the Haiku.

Go back up, smoke-bomb the guard, and keep going left. Use a throwing star to deliver down the inexperienced platform, and spin your Bo Workers when spikes come shooting your way. At the end of the left aspect, climb up the wall, then leap down to the space under and spin your Bo Employees again as extra spikes come in the direction of you. When the spikes stop, run and vault up to the top of the field the place the spikes got here from.

Just earlier than you get to the door, you’ll have to knock down the green platform blocking it with a throwing star. You can do that whereas swinging on the hoop, however for those who fall, refer to this gif for methods to do it from the platform below.

To get through the ultimate door, you’ll have to recite the whole Haiku – if you’ve collected all three pieces (there’s one in every fortress level), you’ll routinely say it!

You’ll enter, and the evil Shogun will inform you not to hurt him, or else Jack and Annie (who are locked up hanging from the ceiling) will never get out. Utilizing your shuriken, shoot on the rope holding the cage, and it’ll fall, bursting open.

And then… aaagghh!!! It’s raining fireplace! Wait… no, you’re slightly below assault.
Along with Jack and Annie, you’ll be transported to Mount Fuji, the place the Cloud Dragon waits at the top. Climb the mountain, and get on the Cloud Dragon.

The combat between the Cloud Dragon and the Red Dragon is simple however tough. Keep shooting at the Red Dragon, but in addition stop it from destroying the city by capturing your water at the houses if they start burning, and recharge within the clouds whenever you run out of water. Try to maintain chasing the Purple Dragon’s tail so you can keep capturing him.

In the event you lose, you may try again, give up, or strive once more in simple mode. You won’t need to recharge in case you do it in easy mode.

After this struggle, the Shogun’s reign shall be over! Basho will clarify that the Shogun is his brother.

He’ll apologize, and you can go residence now! Use the Amulet to get to the tree home. Then, use the Frog Creek E-book, and you’ll arrive back home. Annie will give you your Island Medallion and additionally, you will obtain Poptropica Retailer credit! Congratulations; mission accomplished! 🙂

Looking for extra walkthroughs Take a look at our Island Assist page! 🙂
Album Images

These footage are collected in your Poptropica photo album within the profile part. Click to enlarge.

– Crimson Dragon Island is Poptropica’s 19th island. It was released on Might 5, 2011 for members andJune 2, 2011 for non-members.
– As of July 10, 2015, the island grew to become locked to members only, with a demo for non-members.
– As of April 1, 2016, because of successful a month-lengthy March Madness voting event about bringing back one members-only island, Purple Dragon Island was re-opened to everyone.
– This island is based on Magic Tree Home e-book #37, Dragon of the Red Daybreak.
– The preview for this island is a Sumo recreation, released in April 2011, and which you can nonetheless play by getting the “Prepare for Impact!” gold card from the Poptropica Store. (The PHB also has awalkthrough for this game.) As you win sumo matches, you’ll achieve ranks, each with its own costume. The ranks are: Juryo (starter), Maegashira (highest for non-members), Sanyaku, Ozeki, Yokozuna (highest for members).
– Common room: Frog Creek Library
– It’s doable to have the Poptropica title “Red Dragon”.
– The members-solely Midnight Crimson Ninja costume from the Poptropica Store is impressed by Pink Dragon Island.
– The treehouse takes you to Edo (there’s “East Edo” and “West Edo” in your Map, among other area names), which was the old identify for Tokyo, Japan.
– Basho, the outdated man within the hut who trains you, can also be the identify of a famous poet from Japan’s Edo period. He’s acknowledged as the best grasp of haiku.
– There’s a woodblock print artist in West Edo. You possibly can click on the hanging prints to take a closer look at the artwork.

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