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Stone Island- Polypropylene Denim

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Introducing Polypropylene Denim, a cloth with antibacterial properties, is the lightest accessible fibre on earth. Stone Island Jumpers Jackets Even very bulky garments made on this materials astonish for his or her specific lightness. These denim cloth weaves a polypropylene yarn into an indigo dyed cotton warp. The result is an impeccable denim tela with a drastically decreased weight: it has the look of a 19 ounces materials but weighs only 10.

Garment-Dyed Plated Cotton Nylon Jumper In Green and GreyThe jumpsuit, the outerwear pieces, the trousers and backpack have undergone the Darkish therapy, a guide sanding and gentle stone and enzyme wash.

Polypropylene Indigo Knit is made by weaving yarns, an progressive method from the knitwear industry. For this venture a yarn was particularly created from indigo dyed polypropylene and cotton yarn with chain building.

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