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Stone Island Archive

A results of the purest Stone Island research, Mussola Prismatica is an unique fabric with a substantial visible impact.
Engineered by bonding an especially mild cotton muslin to a glossy, clear, finely grooved polyurethane movie.
Particular double dye formulation enable colour seize on the sunshine textile base, resulting in the intense and deep tones of this composite material.
Subtle bicolour results on seams outline the structure of the piece.
Windproof and water resistant.


Subject jacket in an exclusive fabric that is extremely reflective thanks to a coating manufactured from thousands of glass microspheres. The finished garment has been individually handsprayed and then individually oven dried. The various refraction and colour intensities, as properly as the drippings and ticking results, make every piece distinctive and unrepeatable. The coating of the fabric makes it water and wind resistant.


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The unique LUCE course of:
Investigating the previous to invent the long run.
Turning gentle into uncooked supplies.
Restoring importance to it by the inventive act.
Stone Island goes on a journey in time in search of the moment when gentle became the absolute master.
With the advent of the Daguerreotype, the primary photographic process for the development of images, mild turned the software of creation.
Stone Island has drawn on this system giving it a modern take, integrating them with a broader spectrum of colours than the original black and white.
The garments are impregnated with special products that react to light in a darkish room and are then individually exposed to light, putting specially designed calotype filters in between, in order that the rays of mild that move by means of them create “photographic patterns and designs.
The results are unique items which are impossible to reproduce.

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